Make a joyful noise and question everything! A brand-new music video from The Backyard: “How Does God Work? (An Agnostic Gospel)”

Can God fold a fitted sheet? “How Does God Work” from ucbcomedy's The Backyard! 


The fall TV season is returning, but you may not know that UCB Comedy has been releasing brand-new original videos on the web every weekday for several months now. Some folks have been asking for our schedule of content, so here’s your official guide to what’s going up on our YouTube channel…


Normal Girls music video by The Backyard

Free download of the song on bandcamp


MR. POPULAR, episode #4 (of 6) 

We’ve reached the Los Angeles portion of the series, and Mr. Popular is as cool as ever…as long as he’s out doing his thing. 

Featuring David Ayala, Halleluyah Walcott, Jason Meyer, and Colton Dunn. 

Good times. 

Mr. Popular Episode 4!! These were a blast to make!


MR. POPULAR, ep 3 (of 6)

Featuring Zack Poitras, Tom Capps, Kevin Etherson and more.

Good times. Sad times.

Episode 3!!


Here is MR. POPULAR, episode #2 (of 6). 

Popular on the outside. Popular on the inside? 

This episode features more awesome folks - Chelsea Clarke, Shaun Diston, Johnna Scrabis, and Matt Radlow. 

Directed by Kevin Etherson, produced by Tom Capps, presented by Above Average, and written by me.

More good times. Hi-five!

MR. POPULAR, episode #2 (of 6) 


MR. POPULAR, episode #1 (of 6).

This is a new series I created that premieres today through Above Average. 

Some really awesome folks are in the pilot episode - Brandon Gardner, Matt Dennie, Kassia Miller, and Shalyah Evans. Directed by Kevin Etherson and produced by Tom Capps along with an awesome crew. 

Take a walk in the shoes of Mr. Popular. 

Mr. Popular!! 


It’s May 19th! National Be A Millionaire Day!!!

Today is a day for living like you have a million bucks.    This video is free but feel free to throw money at your computer screen.  Be a part of National Day Week all week!

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Your Mom’s HouseNEW VIDEO I directed for Pop Roulette, produced by Thursday Shoots

@emdeblasi kicked the Spartan Race’s butt today! #spartan #race #citifield

@emdeblasi kicked the Spartan Race’s butt today! #spartan #race #citifield